A family is a system


Parenting can be demanding at times and requires a lot of your resources. Having a baby is a psychological revolution that changes our relationship to almost everything and everyone.

My work is based on your personal path, history and situation. Understanding your difficulties and using your strength is the core of the therapeutic work I do.


Families are very complexes structures. We are all unique individuals with different backgrounds, values and life experiences. Sometimes relationships can become fraught.


Lot of different events and circumstances can make family life stressful, from mental health problems to the birth of a new baby. When things become overwhelming within a family, or when you are finding it difficult to move out of old, unhelpful patterns, individual or family counselling can be a precious resource. 


Cross-cultural psychology for families

Living in a different country or changing countries often can be challenging for individuals and families. To grow a family, children and even yourself you need to feel grounded and safe. Therefor becoming a parent in a foreign country is especially demanding.

As an expat psychologist I work most of the time with international, multilingual and intercultural families and children. 


My consultations are a moment of having someone professional to listen to you, to reassure you and to support you in low or transitional phases of your life. 


Every family is working differently with its own values and priorities and for each of them there is a way.


My approach


My name is Chloé Huth. I studied clinical child psychology for six years in Paris. After few years of working in my field, I moved to Germany where I met my husband. 

When I got pregnant with our first baby, I was quite confident in my abilities to understand and fulfill her needs. But a couple of months after giving birth, I became overwhelmed and tired. Our nights were interrupted several times and some days the atmosphere at home could have been better. I had to relearn what I knew and I had to approach everything I learned from a different angle. Eventually, I found the right mix between my university degree and my personal experience of having moved countries, living in a intercultural and multilingual family.


Based on systemic and behavioral therapy, my consultations follow a dynamic process which considers you with a global point of view: your feelings, your life experiences, your thoughts, your family/friends/work environment and your body. 

My strength based and solution focused approach offers a positive and precise guidance for all kinds of parents and families. 


Professional qualifications


2008 - Bachelor in General Clinical Psychology, Nanterre Université, Paris.


2010 - Master in Child and Teenager Clinical Psychology and Systemic Psychology, Nanterre Université, Paris.


2011 - Master in Sciences of animal's behaviors, Villetaneuse Université, Paris.


Work experiences

2009 - 2010 Assistant psychologist at Institut Cognac-Jay, Paris


2010 - 2012 Assistant psychologist (using therapy assisted per animals with dogs) at Comme à la maison, Paris


2011 - 2012 Psychological support for families with adopted children at Agence Francaise pour l'Adoption, Paris


2012 - now Child Psychologist specialized in pediatric sleep - Parental counselling, Berlin