Private Practice for Counselling in Berlin

Therapeutic work, counselling and psychotherapy can help you achieve goals, build skills, increase confidence and respond to challenging situations. My work is based on your personal path, history and situation. Understanding your difficulties and using your strength is the core of the therapeutic work I do. 


Lot of different events and circumstances can make life stressful, from mental health problems to day to day challenges. When things become overwhelming, or when you are finding it difficult to move out of old, unhelpful patterns, counselling can be an invaluable resource. 


We are all unique individuals with different backgrounds, values and life experiences. So, my goal as a psychologist is to make the transition into therapeutic work comfortable, respectful and concrete.


Cognitive Behavioral Approach

Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on what someone is feeling in the present moment. Its goal is to change patterns of thinking and behaving. This approach is combining behavioral, emotional and cognitive aspects in order to understand the individual with a holistic perspective. 


The consultations are based on clear communication and exercises. The first sessions are used to identify and understand the difficulties you are facing. The therapeutic work can start when you feel comfortable and ready to start working on yourself. With defined goals and steps, cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most efficient and scientifically proved therapy methods. You are active in the process of change.


Cross-Cultural Approach

Living in a different country or changing countries can often be challenging for both individuals and families. To grow a family, to raise children and for yourself you need to feel grounded and safe. Therefore living in a foreign country can be especially demanding.

As an expat counselor I work most of the time with international, multilingual and intercultural adults and children. 


My consultations are a moment of having someone professional to listen to you, to reassure you and to support you in low or transitional phases of your life. 


Every person has its own values and priorities, in my practice I give though to and adapt to the individual's personal needs and preferences.



About me


My name is Chloé Larcher. I'm coming from a mixed family with different cultural influences. I studied clinical psychology for six years in Paris. After few years of working in my field, I moved to Germany in 2012. I have now found a rich mix between my academic degrees and my personal experience of having moved countries, living in an intercultural and multilingual family.


Based on systemic/schema therapy, emotion focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, my consultations follow a dynamic process which considers you from a global point of view: your feelings, your life experiences, your thoughts, your family/friends/work environment and your physical state. 

My strength based and solution focused approach offers a positive and precise guidance for my patients. 


I also strive to offer the most actionable advice available, and I am committed to constantly refining my skills and techniques to improve and stay dynamic in my psychology practice.





Bachelor in General Clinical Psychology, Nanterre Université, Paris in 2008


Assistant psychologist at Institut Cognac-Jay, Paris 2009


Master in Clinical Psychology, Nanterre Université, Paris in 2010


Master in Sciences of animal's behaviors, Villetaneuse Université, Paris in 2011


Assistant psychologist (using therapy assisted per animals with dogs) at Comme à la maison, Paris in 2012


Psychological support for families with adopted children at Agence Francaise pour l'Adoption, Paris in 2012


Sleep Consultant for babies and children with The Sleepy Baby, Berlin since 2013


Counselor for Family and Adult with Parents of Berlin, Berlin since 2015


Training in Nonviolent Communication (Rosenberg Method), Paris in March 2022


Seminar about the Vagus Nerve, Paris in September 2023


Specialisation in Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Abuse, London in April 2024


Certificated in Person-Centered therapy, France in May 2024


Training in Feminist Therapy, Berlin in June 2024


Extra Education:


- Energy work Reiki level 1 and 2, 2022/2023