60 Minutes, 75 €

Practice and Online


Coaching Session


90 Minutes, 120€

Practice and Online


Package Sleep Consultations (The Sleepy Baby)


3 x 60 Minutes, 180 €

Practice and Online


* Home visits are occasionally possible depending on your situation (newborn or no possibilities to leave home). Due to the travelling time, the consultation would be 170€.


* If you can't afford the regular rate, I do a limited amount of reduced price consultations. I'm happy to answer your questions about it.




Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles

I follow the code of conduct and ethical principles applying to psychologists' work-related activities. It includes confidentiality, integrity, professional and scientific responsibility, boundaries of competences and maintaining expertise. 


Payment of the consultations

Please note that I only accepted private payment and some private health insurances. 

German health insurances cover the cost of consultation's related to psychological diseases. Therefore, the sleep consultations and most of individual counselling or psychotherapy consultations are not supported by the public German healthcare. 

After the consultation, you will receive an invoice to be paid within two weeks. The costs can be deductible from the tax return.



All personal information and the content of our discussions are handled with complete confidentiality.