Finding a way of harmony for your family

Becoming a parent is an amazing journey but it can also become an overwhelming task. You can sometimes struggle with issues like opposition phase, meal times or siblings rivalry

An important aspect of helping children is often to first help their parents. A child do not function in isolation, he is part of a family system. Therefore, by guiding you to become better skilled, your child also benefits.


With today's family structure changing, parents often find themselves much more cut-off and confused. This in turn, puts even more stress on the parent's influence in their child's development.


Maybe you find yourself in one of these situations:

  • Your child has lots of tantrums and you have difficulties to calm her down?
  • Your child doesn't eat well and meal times are becoming moments of conflict?
  • Your first child is exhibiting violent behaviors towards her sibling(s) or other children?
  • You are often losing your own temper and your self-control?
  • You feel frustrated in your parental role? 
  • Your couple is in a crisis since you became parents?