Sleeping is the foundation for a balanced life

 A good day starts with a good night of sleep. That is true for you as it is for your little one. 

Your baby is constantly learning about the world around them. They also learn how to sleep to recover, process and be available again for what is next to come. Sleep is key for proper development

Our relationship with sleep is learned from many different factors. We all have learned how to sleep independently, to fall asleep again during the night and even how to simply lie down and relax. It is important to share these aspects with your baby.


Sleep is a complex, individual and dynamic process. My work is based on the complexity and at the same time the simplicity of human's system and behaviors. I became passionate about pediatric sleep during my studies and I made my passion my work. The success of my methods comes from a very global and respectful approach. Your child is an individual like you and your family members so you need a personalized solution. You have your own way. Respecting that is the most important point of my consultations.


Children need sleep to grow, discover and enjoy their everyday life. Humans spend in average one third of their life sleeping. Quality sleep is as essential to live as food and water. Like walking we have all learned it.


Parents especially need a restful night to be physically, mentally, emotionally healthy and available to simply be the best version of themselves. The time your baby is sleeping is also your "ME" time to recharge your energy and be able to give again. 

Maybe you find yourself in one of these situations:

  • Your baby is waking up several times during the night?
  • You simply feel exhausted?
  • Your baby/toddler is often tired or nervous during the day?
  • You don't have time for your spouse?
  • You are not the parent you would like to be during the day?
  • Your baby needs your help to fall asleep (nursing, rocking, walking, etc)?
  • You don't want to do co-sleeping anymore?


"My daugter and I did a session with Chloé and it was one of the most valuable hours that I invested as a new mum. Chloé's session empowered me to read my daughter better and actually helped me to relax when putting my baby to bed. Sometimes I would dread the evenings because putting Luna to bed was an hour (sometimes more) long battle with an overtired baby. I learned that it was the result of bad napping habits and since then, we have changed Luna's napping schedule and it has worked wonders for the nights.


Chloé's expertise as a psychologist taught me about why babies behave a certain way and what hormones are at play and understanding this has been monumental for our family. Her experience as a mum was refreshing because she understood the process beyond the books and developed a way for us to help Luna nap without putting so much pressure on ourselves (and the last thing new parents need is pressure). She's made for this job and breathes what she speaks and I am so thankful for the time with her."


Angelene, Lenny & Luna (9 months)